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The Texas Hot Honey story

Our Story

Our Founder, RC Gallegos, is from NM. & TX., where he grew up putting chili peppers in just about everything. In 1986 RC would add honey with jalapeños to a tortilla by itself or with peanut butter. Many years later, in 2003, RC opened his 1st Pizzeria and began his journey bringing happiness to people all around with his pizzas and chicken wings. In 2021, during Covid, business was slow, and everything was unknown, so after 18 years in the food service industry as an owner RC learned a cpl things. The 1stwas that if you use quality ingredients and maintained your high qualities, people will appreciate that and return over and over again for that and 2ndwas that the majority of people were embracing this new culture of dips and sauces…..RC enjoyed that sweet heat again on pizza and loved it, so he began developing his first Hot Honey recipe, playing with many different chili peppers and heat levels and Texas Hot Honey was born. RC spent many hours and test batches arriving at the final product that is known today as Texas Hot Honey. THH’s philosophy was born from RC’s more than 38 years in the restaurant industry, which is it pays to provide the best in your industry or niche and so that is why we start with the highest quality True Source Certified Honey and use ONLY fresh chillies to manufacture THH. Careful attention is paid to the product from the True Source Certified honey to the fresh chillies used to make our Texas Hot Honey and the team bottling the product to ensure the quality of the finished product.

After many months of sampling, RC settled on his final 4 recipes and heat levels. Testing batches were shared with family and friends, then later introduced at his Award-Winning Pizzerias, RC’S NYC Pizza & Pasta in Kingwood, TX. and The Woodlands, TX. Immediately a hit, the only thing left to do was name it and start making more. If you know RC, then you know he loves food, so the goal was to develop a condiment to replace all other condiments by crafting a versatile, flavor-forward product for Foodies. Texas Hot Honey is “The only condiment you will ever need”.

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