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Liquid gold! I am in love with the Pineapple Heaven ❤️ This honey is amazing on pizza, toast, ice cream…. EVERYTHING!

Nov 1, 2023
Lindsey Johnson

I ordered a bunch of the Killer Bee Hot Honey for my work team and they really enjoyed it! Its got a kick but it is not overwhelming (to me). Love it on ...Read more

Oct 27, 2023
Christa S

Best topping for my Detroit Style Pizza. Tons of compliments. Check out my YouTube channel BeardSwag BBQ

Oct 9, 2023

The Hatch is great too, but the Killer Bee was exactly what I was looking for. We have put it on, in, or around almost everything we eaten at some point....Read more

Sep 5, 2023
trav s

The user didn't attach his comment to the review.

Mar 23, 2023
Drake Fletcher

We love the Hot Honey. My husband especially, he's planning to use it as a sort of marinade for pork. I would give you 5 stars, but the shipping was a ...Read more

Nov 9, 2022
Rhonda W.

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